THAT! PR Agency

Image is everything. At That PR Agency, we know image is much more than a logo or trademark. Some PR Agencies don’t understand image is based on a company’s ability to effectively communicate with the community, protect its brand and handle public affairs and issues related to their industry. Failure can lead to a tarnished image and negative public perception. The actions a company’s leadership takes today can affect the company’s image for many years to come. With a perceptive PR Agency on your side, you can avoid the pitfalls of managing your owner public relations and protect your company’s image. We develop convincing and relevant public relation campaigns that reflect the current and future goals of the company’s leadership. That PR Agency can give you back what you’ve been missing – the chance to expand the business and provide quality products and services to the people who really matter. 

You’re part of the community, too

Like all citizens, we have a duty to serve our community. While some citizens vote, donate their time and money to a noble cause and pay taxes, others are happy with contributing the absolute minimum. Some citizens are better at contributing than others. Corporations and organizations are no different. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small business, That PR Agency can help develop a plan to get your company’s name out in the community. 

Reputation and Brand Management

We are big brand builders and PR Agency stalwarts dedicated to protect a client’s image. If you expect to grow your brand at all, consider letting our PR Agency professionals mastermind a solid reputation and brand management campaign to protect and build your company’s brand. While other PR Agencies don’t understand the intricacies of developing big, vibrant brands, we know that Without a memorable brand and a reputation, it’s difficult for companies to grow brand loyalties with consumers. 

Acquiring Allies

Is the media a friend or foe? We’ll leave that up to the critics. The media, however, can be a strong ally to help you communicate your company’s message. Our public affairs and issues management specialist can develop content, such as news releases, about new services and products, goodwill in the community and other interesting aspects about your business and present it news reporters and editors to get the earned media exposure you want. Our PR Agency team can also develop a crisis management plan. If a scandal or disaster should befall your organization, our team of crisis communication experts deploy to take control of the breaking story.