THAT! + Advertising Agency = Success

You’ve established an advertising budget. Now what? You need an Advertising Agency to develop a plan – a road map – to help guide your company’s marketing efforts to create an advertising campaign to establish your company’s brand identity. However, some Advertising Agencies lack the ability to create a brand identity that will translate into brand loyalty. It often takes a lot more than a logo and some brochures and flyers to attract consumers to your brands. If your message fails to resonate with consumers then your brand is lost.


The most successful Advertising Agency campaigns in history all have one thing in common. They all appeal to the basic emotions: love, joy, surprise, anger, sadness and fear. Successful ad campaigns impact consumers on an emotional level. People can be impulsive, emotional and practical consumers. Of course, building brand loyalty really starts with great products and services people want or need. No one’s going to continue to buy inferior products and services. Maxwell House wouldn’t have survived for nearly a century if consumers didn’t think the coffee brand was, indeed, “Good to the Last Drop.” But like many businesses, they don’t know how to tell the world about their great products and services.


So, how do you tell a world of voracious consumers about your products and services? While other Advertising Agencies fail to provide a concrete plan of action to effectively promote your products and services to consumers, That Advertising Agency can devise creative advertising campaigns powered by data, so the client can reach the consumers they need to be successful. Before the Internet was a big part of our lives, television, radio and print were the only means to advertise. After conducting our initial marketing analysis, we’ll have the data to show which medium – Internet, television, radio or print – is the best to promote your products and services. You may need a fully integrated marketing campaign, or mixed media marketing, that combines all mediums.


At our Advertising Agency, our creative and analytical minds love a challenge. Our graphic designers and copywriters can develop captivating, vibrant art and content, while our analyst can delve into marketing data and statistics to develop a sound and sensible marketing strategy that will deliver results.


You want brand awareness, not brand obscurity. However, not all Advertising Agencies are equipped to meld creative with analytics to deliver a memorable mixed media ad campaign that sticks with the consumer. Advertising Agencies in the 21st century have to be prepared for the new ways consumers access and consume information. While older generations predominately listen to the radio, read the newspaper and watch network television, the younger generation is conducting Internet searches, watching YouTube videos, playing games online and communicating with each other through social media.


Our Advertising Agency understands what other advertising agencies don’t. While traditional advertising isn’t going anywhere, the Internet and improved connectivity is changing the way we reach consumers.