That Mixed Media Marketing (M3)

What is Mixed Media Marketing?

When you look in 2010 Edition of That Dictionary, the meaning of Mixed Media Marketing is clear.

Main Entry: Mixed Media Marketing
Pronunciation: mikst·me-di-ae·mär-kə-tiŋ
Function: Noun or Adjective
Etymology: That Company lexicon
Date: 21st Century


1.  A convergence of traditional and Internet advertising and marketing to promote, brand, sell and distribute a product or service, and specifically through the combination of website search engine optimization; television and radio broadcast commercial; print advertising; pay-per-click advertising; mobile ads; web videos; social media; podcast; graphic design and creative writing campaigns.
2.  A New Media Agency.

Usage: That Company is an aggressive company that uses mixed media marketing to devise creative advertising and marketing campaigns. With the evolution of the Internet, depending solely on the traditional forms of advertising – print, radio and television advertising –  to promote your businesses products and services isn’t enough anymore. Print advertising has shrank as more and more people have fled print publications to internet publications – blogs, online news and entertainment outlets – to get the latest celebrity gossip or political grist. While television and radio audiences aren’t shrinking as fast as print, the fact that the Internet is growing to become an enormous economic engine and medium for advertising and marketing has left many traditional advertising agencies holding a torch for a form of advertising and marketing whose golden age has passed. Your company needs creative mixed media marketing to remain competitive in today’s market place. Sure, you can stick with a traditional advertising and marketing firm that may try to incorporate some aspects of new media into their agency services, but wouldn’t you rather hire a new media agency forged in the fires of the Internet evolution? At That Company, our team of skilled advertising, marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media, graphic design, and creative writing strategists understand the concepts of mixed media marketing.


1. A type of strategy a innovative, creative new media agency implements to develop the next great idea in advertising and marketing for its clients.

Usage: Our Mixed Media Marketing strategy not only combines traditional and Internet marketing solutions, we also develop an insightful system of metrics to measure a Mixed Media Marketing campaign’s advertising effectiveness. Not every New Media Agency can offer their clients real-time data that enables them to make informed marketing decisions and get the most our of their advertising budget. Knowledge is essential in today’s economic climate. One mistake can sideline a company’s marketing efforts. With competitors taking advantage of Mixed Media Marketing strategies, you can’t afford not to hire a new media agency to bring you into the 21st Century.

Synonyms: New Media Agency, innovative advertising and marketing, multiple channel marketing, assorted communications advertising, and M3.