Online Reputation Management

Does your business need online reputation management? If you haven’t checked out what they’re saying about you on the Internet, you might.

Reputation and brand protection are key to your company’s success. The critical importance of your reputation in today’s Internet marketplace can not be overstated. If potential customers don’t trust you, they’re going to do business with your competition. If you’re suffering from negative information on the Internet, you need online reputation management.


Perhaps you’ve heard the famous quote by Irish poet Brendan Behan: “There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.” That Company sees it a little differently. Bad publicity could very well be your obituary. Just as your business uses the Internet to reach more customers, so will disgruntled former and current employees, dissatisfied customers or your competitors use the power of the Internet to trash the reputation you’ve worked so hard to develop. People can, and do, write all sorts of negative material about any individual or business on the Internet. Often times, these damaging remarks can be left anonymously and are not subjected to any kind of review to ascertain their veracity. You may not even know how to find this information, but it’s out there in cyberspace.


Listen. We’re very good at we do, but we’re not miracle workers. Bad companies offering bad products or services deserve bad reputations. We’re here for the conscientious business whose reputation is being tarnished without regard for the facts, perhaps, through blog posts, reviews or social media activities. We’re here to help you combat malicious and unscrupulous hit-and-run assaults on your reputation by your competition. Effective online reputation management is the answer.


Search engine optimization is an effective way to protect your name online. Reputation management gets a lot easier when there is a superabundance of positive information about your business accessible in searches on Google, Yahoo!, Bing or other search engines. Research has shown that people rarely access pages after the first three pages of search results. Online reputation management is achieved through writing effective content on your website, blogs, press releases, and editorials, all designed to rank higher in keyword searches and pushing negative content deeper and deeper into search engine oblivion. We can also directly respond to negative items; That Company’s professional public relations experts can craft responses directly refuting wild, unbiased claims to reduce their impact at the source.


You need to fight to protect your online reputation. Management of what search engine results tell your potential customers about you is our job.