Illustrate It Video



Illustrate IT Video

The Challenge

Create a template design that is worthy of the level of creativity shown in the videos Wayne Ferris and company create. Illustrate it video creates custom explainer videos that quickly explain what you do in a fun and very creative way. Since attention spans are so low when it comes to the web, the videos had to be the star of the show, not the template housing the videos.

Our Strategy

Wayne and company are one of the best clients we’ve EVER had. Although the crew there is very creative when it comes to creating explainer videos, when it came to the website and the CMS it was designed in, they allowed our team to design and do what they do best. Keeping the colors consistent with their logo created a cohesive feel to their brand. We alternated header colors on all sub-pages to drive the feel of “template” design toward custom page design. A simple yet subtle nuance that made this clean and simple design an Addy Award Winner, and created a happy client in the process.

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