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A Design Agency For The Modern Age

If you are looking for a design agency to improve your marketing, you need an agency that can provide targeted and media rich advertising plans that take today’s media trends into account. Advertising, obviously, has changed significantly in the last decade as newspapers, television, and magazines have changed and, in some cases, lost readership and viewership. While traditional media options such as newspaper, radio, and television are not defunct, they are changing. The internet has completely altered how advertising in the modern age works. You need a design agency that understands how modern media has altered advertising and how best to use those changes to your business’ advantage. With Th@t! Company advertising agency you can be assured that your new advertising campaign will not only feature solid, traditional and proven sales techniques, but that your campaign will be ready for the cutting edge of technology as well.

Th@t! Company was founded in the age of the internet and specializes in making one of the most powerful media tools ever work for its clients. Th@t! understands how the internet works and how to make it work for you. Your advertising budget will be carefully constructed and analyzed to provide the best that our design agency can offer, blending traditional marketing strategies and modern internet marketing for a two-fold approach that offers you the most return on investment. The winner of a 2010 Addy Award, an INC 500 company in 2011, and the 2010 Florida Governor’s Entrepreneurial Major Market Company of the Year, Th@t! has the proven track record and experience that you want from a design agency, while still offering a broad and creative understanding of new marketing and advertising techniques.

Your advertising plan with Th@t! may include a variety of techniques you never previously considered. Traditional media like newspaper and radio aren’t gone, but their format is rapidly changing with many consumers reaching these advertising areas online. Similarly, new advertising forms like Youtube, Facebook, and other social media are becoming a necessary part of any advertising campaign, with millions of users utilizing these popular forms of media. Your marketing and advertising plan may involve adoption of these media forms even if you have not previously utilized them. Your advertising plan may also involve alteration or addition of traditional print and television media forms, or even online reputation clean up if you have had previously poor advertising that needs to disappear to reinvent your company image. Whichever options you and your consultant with Th@t! choose, you can be assured that your advertising will suit the image and style of your company and be professionally designed to give you the most return on your marketing budget. Choosing Th@t! Company as your design agency gives you access to the best in modern and proven advertising techniques.