How To Advertise Online

When you advertise online it is important to have a strong marketing strategy that is tailored to meet your business’ specific needs. Many businesses choose to use an advertising agency, like THAT! Advertising Agency, to help them create and implement a marketing plan.

We at THAT! Advertising Agency know internet marketing like the back of our hand! Our mixed media marketing incorporates traditional marketing and online marketing to create a custom blend for your business. We will analyze your business and help you determine what the right combination is for your business, as well as which tactics you should utilize. Once we create your marketing plan, we work with you to implement it, bringing plenty of tips, tricks, and tools to the table.

When you advertise online, it is important to implement tools like search engine optimization. THAT! Advertising Agency understands what it takes to dominate the search engine rankings and can help you improve your position. The higher on the rankings you are, the more views you’ll get, and more potential customers will have access to your website. Search engine optimization is time consuming and is subject to the constantly changing search engines. For these reasons, many businesses choose to outsource this part of online marketing. Let us help you get the most out of your marketing plan!

Another online advertising option that we can provide is pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising. As the name indicates, this is a form of advertising where you pay based on the number of clicks you get on your ad. You do not pay to place these ads, but rather bid for placement and pay based on usage. These PPC ads appear above or beside search engine results, and are based on carefully chosen keywords. Keywords should be chosen strategically, both to best represent your business as well as to increase your marketing return on investment. When you advertise online and choose to use this option, the best choice is to let us at THAT! Advertising Agency take care of the details. We stay on top of the trends and know how to best select keywords for optimum results.

So you’re going to advertise online, but how can you determine whether or not your marketing plan is working? THAT! Advertising Agency can create a plan to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and calculate your marketing return on investment. Each plan is custom designed to suit the individual campaign. With THAT! Advertising Agency you can make informed decisions about future marketing campaigns and your marketing budget! Remove the mystery, and focus your resources on growing your business!

THAT! Advertising Agency is the right choice to help your business shine! We can create a marketing plan and take some of the stress off your shoulders. Don’t miss out on your best customer – let us help you advertise online!