Online Advertising Agency

Finding The Best Online Advertising Agency

An online advertising agency specializes in the use of online advertising techniques and technology to better market your business. This can include the use of social media, online advertisements, websites, or even clean-up of your business’ online presence. With companies like Th@t! Company, you can trust that your advertising will be taken to the cutting edge of technology to reach the internet’s millions of users. Particularly if you are only familiar with marketing via traditional means, an online advertising agency can help you reach an entirely new customer base.

Winner of a 2010 Addy Award, the 2010 Florida Governor’s Entrepreneurial Major-Market Company of the year, and a 2011 INC 500 award, Th@t! Company understands how the internet works and how it can work for you. As an online advertising agency, Th@t! brings years of expertise and a foundation in the internet era that can be brought to help your marketing campaign. While the traditions of solid advertising have not changed, the method of delivering a message to consumers has altered drastically in the last several years. As an online advertising agency, Th@t! brings many diverse solutions to help you put your best face forward and reach the appropriate customer base. An understanding of web design, modern cultural media, social media, and optimizing the webs tremendous resources of information, Th@t! Company can help you bring your business into the internet age effectively and without spending all your marketing budget on useless gimmicks.

A good online advertising agency will not ignore traditional media either. We work with a blended approach of traditional and internet advertising, using proven techniques and advertising formats but applying them to the internet as part of your marketing campaign. Whether you need website design or website improvements, professional copy writing to improve your content, or search engine optimization to be certain your company hits the top of the search engine results lists, these services are all part of what Th@t! offers. Using the internet to market, however, doesn’t just involve your website. You need to have a good presence on social media. Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook all have millions of users that could become potential customers and if you are ignoring this as part of your advertising, than you are neglecting a wide market. A good advertising plan is, instead, to combine the use of these internet outlets with traditional advertising in text, television, and radio. This will cover a large area of interest and potential audience. You can even use Th@t’s CallTrax and MailTrax technology to see instantly how your advertising is working, rather than waiting for months to see if your marketing plan is effective. Whether you are looking to improve your current advertising or to start a new marketing plan, looking for an online advertising agency like Th@t! Company can be beneficial to increasing your business exposure.