Advertising Agency for the Film Industry


An Advertising Agency for the Film Industry can put together streamlined advertising campaigns geared toward consumers. The right type of advertising will help keep your industry related business at the top of the ever expanding market.


The Film Industry’s gross annual revenue is more than $10 billion a year. This is expected to increase with the release of new filming technologies and new products being used to view motion pictures. With the development of technologies like 3D animation, live online video streaming and high definition viewing options, consumers may be overwhelmed with all that there is to choose from. Motion pictures, television shows and some computer graphics and software have all been riding the technology wave of ever expanding products and services provided by the Film Industry. In order to continue industry growth, film producers will have to adapt to consumer preferences. The use of creative marketing and advertising campaigns can help steer consumers into gaining more interest in certain products over others. Advertising Agencies for the Film Industry can make your business’s products more appealing through the use of modern advertising tactics.


The Film Industry includes all businesses related to the pre-production, production, post production and distribution of motion pictures and motion picture products. Advertising is a huge part of the Film Industry. Many of the key market players rely on advertising to help generate revenue from movie ticket and DvD sales. Major players in the Film Industry have more than a 16 percent market share, while smaller companies have less than 1 percent.


Not only do Advertising Agencies for the Film Industry create campaigns for businesses hoping to gain revenue from DvD players, televisions and other motion picture viewing devices, but the movie itself is marketed by advertisers. Before a motion picture enters the preproduction phase, Advertising Agencies for the Film Industry are starting to develop advertising and marketing strategies for the film’s release.


In order for your Film Industry business to stay ahead of the market and continue earn a share of the market, you’ll need the most effective advertising available. At That! Advertising Agency, we will research and develop advertising targeted at your film’s audience. We’ll help you decide when and where to launch information about promotional events, ticket sales, movie trailers and DvD releases. Using a variety of media, we’ll develop attention grabbing advertisements to pique the interests of consumers. We are an Advertising Agency for the Film Industry that understands the needs of your Film Industry business.


Fifty-four percent of the Film Industry’s employees are age 34 or younger. In addition, 13 percent of employees are age 16 to 24. The goal at That! Advertising Agency is to develop a positive, well recognized brand image for our clients. Our >Advertising Agency for the Film Industryoffers public relations services that are equipped to handle full reputation management campaigns.