Automobile Industry


An Advertising Agency for the Automobile Industry can help any business involved in the production, sale and maintenance of motor vehicles. The automobile industry is responsible for more than three million jobs within the United States. From the day a newly assembled automobile leaves the plant and throughout its entire life cycle, it will continuously require the services of other automobile businesses in the industry.


These businesses include the vehicle dealership that the automobile is purchased from, the maintenance and repair shop that will perform regular maintenance on the vehicle and fix the vehicle when it starts to have mechanical problems, the paint and body shop it will go to when it starts to show wear and tear, and the scrap yard it will be taken to when it is no longer a reasonable form of transportation. There are thousands of automotive industry businesses within the market. Over the life time of an automobile, it will be taken to many businesses related to selling, customizing, repairing, painting, washing, and even decorating its interior and exterior.


Because the automobile industry is such a large market, there’s a lot of competition. Business have to battle to gain market share and consumer attention. Businesses in the automobile industry require the services of Advertising Agencies for the AutomobileIndustry to create appealing advertisements that will reach consumers. Businesses need an Advertising Agency for the Automobile Industry to understands the industry and their competition so they can relate to client needs in order to create effective campaigns. That! Advertising Agency is the Advertising Agency for the Automobile Industry that knows just how to do both.


Using a combination of traditional advertising and new media marketing, That! Advertising Agency has the tools and the talent to create a thriving Automotive Industry business for you. We’ll use television, radio, print advertising and the Internet to create a brand image consumers can connect with. Other Advertising Agencies for the Automobile Industry don’t have the resources to make your business available on all media fronts. At That! Advertising Agency, we use the latest in advertising trends and utilize modern marketing tools to spread the news about your products and services.


What better time to draw attention to your automotive industry business than when consumers are driving and thinking about their vehicles. Using radio and billboard advertisements, our Advertising Agency for the Automobile Industry will put the message about your products and services right in front of consumers while they are most likely to be thinking about their vehicles.


If your Automobile Industry business has recently suffered a blow to its reputation because of a design flaw in manufacturing or an unmet safety standard, let us build a complete reputation management campaign to help boost your business and start rebuilding its good name. Not all Advertising Agencies for the Automobile Industry have the ability to provide public relations services. That! Advertising Agency for the automobile industryoffers public relations services to help businesses achieve a good standing name and develop a positive brand image throughout their community. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done.