Advertising Agency for Banking Industry


Whether you are a commercial bank, savings and loan or other financial institution, finding an effective advertising agency for banking industry financial institutions is important. The banking industry continues to struggle. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatio’s Statistics on Historical Trends, there were already 829 problem institutions in June 2010, compared to 702 problem institutions the same time last year. How can advertising agencies for banking industry institutions help?


Advertising agencies for banking industry institutions enable their clients to stand out in today’s marketplace and remain competitive. Outside advertising was by far the most widely-used promotional tool among banks, according to the most recent American Bankers Association publication on marketing (2008 Bank Marketing Survey Report). It accounted for more than half of total marketing expenses (57.9 percent). In addition, more than 70 percent of the participating banks used advertising agencies. For banking industry financial institutions to remain competitive, many banks are relying on advertising agencies. For banking industry financial institutions that are considered a problem institution, an effective advertising agency is almost a prerequisite to survival.

It is widely accepted that the future of the banking industry will change because of changes in customer behavior and advances in technology. These factors also have had a drastic effect on the future of advertising agencies for banking industry institutions. There are many new media channels to consider beyond traditional Television, print and radio advertising. The Internet, social media advertising and interactive media is emerging as a powerful tool for banks. What’s more, CRM (customer relationship management) has moved to CMR (customer-managed relationships), a world where clients increasingly control, converse, collaborate and co-create. A quality advertising agency for banking industry institutions will take advantage of these avenues and enable their clients to focus segment-specific marketing strategies to specific market segments.

There are numerous benefits to hiring an advertising agency for banking industry financial institutions. Not only will the agency provide exclusive and objective advice about advertising, allowing the financial institution to focus on what they do best, but the agency can also offer the unparalleled benefit of an experienced staff with expertise in a variety of different fields, such as radio, television, print, pay per click, search engine optimization and social media networking. When it comes to building an ad or writing a script, the advertising agency for banking industry financial institutions know the strategies that work. When tragedy strikes an industry, such as the recent mortgage crisis, smart institutions turn to advertising agencies to handle the crises.

That! Advertising Agency is a premier advertising agency that promotes not only the products and services of financial institutions, but their public image as well. It is the perfect solution for today’s dynamic environment: an advertising agency that excels in traditional marketing channels along with a combination of internet advertising, web design and search engine marketing. That! Advertising Agency is the choice advertising agency for banking industry institutions to handle advertising, marketing, public relations and more.