Advertising Agencies For Mortgage Industry


Now more than ever, utilizing an effective advertising agency for mortgage industry is crucial. Data released over the past several months leave no doubt economic growth has slowed to a snail’s pace. Second quarter GDP growth was revised down to a 1.6% annual rate, according to the September 2010 Mortgage Bankers Association Economic Commentary


However, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke set forth the Fed’s expectations for the economic outlook in a recent speech. Bernanke held out hope for a pickup in activity next year. He noted that financial conditions remain supportive; banks are a bit more willing to lend; and consumer balance sheets are improving, as are budgets of state and local governments. There has also been discussion of lowering interest rates even further to help stimulate the economy. All of this depends upon stability in financial markets. Are you prepared to compete? Can your marketing department inspire confidence in a down economy looking for reasons to rebound? Have you considered using an advertising agency for mortgage industry companies?


Advertising agencies for mortgage industry institutions enable their clients to stand out in today’s marketplace and maintain their competitive edge. Advertising was by far the most widely-used promotional tool among banks and accounted for more than half of total marketing expenses (57.9%). In addition, most participating banks (70.4%) used advertising agencies, According to the most recent American Bankers Association publication on marketing (2008 Bank Marketing Survey Report). For mortgage industry institutions to remain competitive, they should parallel financial institutions and rely on advertising agencies. For mortgage industry institutions that do not, they could easily be left behind when the market recovers.


It is widely accepted that customer behavior and technology will change the future of the mortgage industry. Advertising agencies for mortgage industry institutions must stay abreast of these developments and help mortgage companies highlight their cutting-edge offerings. There are many new media channels for an advertiser to consider besides traditional Television, print and radio outlets. Those who do not tap into mixed and interactive media are destined to be left behind. What’s more, CRM (customer relationship management) has moved to CMR (customer-managed relationships), where consumers increasingly control, converse, collaborate and co-create. A quality advertising agency for mortgage industry institutions will tap into these opportunities and enable their clients to focus very specific marketing strategies to very specific market sectors.

There are many benefits to hiring an advertising agency for mortgage industry institutions. Not only can the agency provide exclusive and objective advice about advertising, but the agency can also offer the benefit of experienced staffing with expertise in the field of advertising. When it comes to writing a script or building a print ad, advertising agencies for mortgage industry institutions know the time-tested strategies that work. When tragedy strikes an industry, such as the recent financial crisis, smart firms turn to advertising agencies to handle the crises.


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