Solar Bears



Orlando Solar Bears

The Challenge

We love sports teams. Our challenge here to to create a Facebook page that encourages visitors to like their page for a chance to win a VIP seats to a Solar Bears home game.

Our Strategy

Keep the feel and textures of everything hockey. We wanted visitors to feel as if they were visiting a hockey website. Cool colors with ice textures were predominately used to convey this. We wanted to create 3 custom Facebook pages.

1. A landing page. This would be the page visitors would initially land on. Explain what the contest was, the prize if you won, the contest rules, and a call to action to “like” the page in order to enter.

2. An interior page. This would be the page visitors would see once liking the page. This page consisted of a simple form for visitors to fill out. The Solar Bears would then capture these email address and enter them into the VIP contest.

3. A thank you page. This would be the page visitors would see once completing the online form. This page would thank visitors for completing the form, and contain links to their online store. These links encouraged online purchases, further boosting chances at additional revenue opportunities within Facebook.