Advertising Agency for Legal Industry

Relying on an advertising agency for legal industry can be essential for legal firms to survive in these difficult economic times.  According to the Peer Monitor Q2’10 Index by Hildebrandt Baker Robbins, a Thomson Reuters business, “…the index is generally unchanged over the past two quarters, reflecting a stagnant market. Overall, the legal marketplace has shown no meaningful growth this year, with negligible demand growth and weakening rates. As a result, firms have continued to offset tepid market conditions through aggressive cost cutting, attempting to bolster profitability through ever deeper expense reductions.” 

If the slowdown in profitability continues, the legal industry will most likely face a prolonged period of downsizing.  As the report suggests, the challenge to firms will be whether or not they choose to innovate, experiment, and change long-standing approaches to find new avenues of growth and profitability. How can advertising agencies for legal industry assist law firms in that endeavor?


Advertising agencies for legal industry firms enable their clientele to maintain a competitive edge by developing strong, cohesive advertising and marketing campaigns that penetrate new marketing channels.  THAT! Company has demonstrated an ability to get results. They have helped a number of firms with advertising and marketing efforts. Many law firms continue to slash their expenses to maintain margins against flat demand and challenged rates; however, additional cost cuts could be more difficult to achieve. Instead, marketing should be viewed as an investment and not an expense for those who rely on advertising agencies.  For legal industry firms of any size to remain competitive, it is often most effective to rely on advertising agencies.  For legal industry firms that don’t advertise, they could easily be left behind.


It is becoming clear that economic conditions and consumer demand have changed the future of the legal services industry and advertising agencies for legal industry.  Increased market penetration through new digital media channels allows for constant and consistent media exposure beyond traditional channels. A quality advertising agency for legal industry will leverage these opportunities for their clients and reach market sectors that were previously inaccessible through traditional media outlets. 

Advertising agencies for legal industry execute reliable strategies that work, such as print ads and digital content. The ability of an advertising agency for legal industry to provide insightful, objective advice regarding advertising and marketing strategies is a key benefit, which allows a firm to focus on law.  The services of seasoned personnel with expertise in the varied fields of advertising are of further value.  Agencies also perform image management, helping to build trust in an industry that is often looked down upon.


THAT! Advertising Agency is the choice advertising agency for legal industry firms to handle advertising, marketing and public relations. It functions in traditional marketing channels in combination with web design and development, search engine marketing and Internet advertising. Even in the soft market over the past year, THAT! Company has helped a number of clients set records for lead counts and overall annual revenue. THAT! Advertising Agency is a premium advertising agency for legal industry firms to promote products, services.